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What if pandemic is over in 2022? Do you have a plan?

History shows that pandemics of the 20th and 21st centuries do not last more than 3 years. So it was with the Spanish flu (1918–1919), Asian flu (1957–1958), swine flu (2009–2010). Coronavirus started in 2019 — it’s time to say goodbye.

If so, here are 3 great ways to get back to your perfect shape this spring:

  • Bet on the ABS and core! Check these exercises on OMY! Sports Youtube or AI-powered sports training App. They will quickly bring your body into perfect condition.
  • Set yourself a goal that you will 100% achieve! For example, drop 5 kg, run your fastest 10 km or ride 230 km granfondo in spring 2022. If you don’t know, ask your coach 👇🏼
  • Find a coach to make it happen. The one who can set-up the plan tailored to your life, motivate and guide you through it. OMY! Sports App is personal coach and your sports companion with individual and adjustable workouts and videos, real-time analysis and progress tracking, integrated with Garmin, Strava and Zwift. Powered by AI.

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