O'MY! Sports

AI-powered individual training

tailored to your life

  • Tailor-made and flexible training plan for your goal and life
  • Personal coach and data-based adjustable workouts in mobile App
  • Different endurance sports: running, cycling, triathlon

O'MY! Sports

individual training

that fits into life

  • Tailor-made training plan
  • Personal coach in chat
  • Adjustable workouts
  • Running, cycling, triathlon

Individual training in mobile app
Start training individually. Get workouts that fit into your life. Talk to personal coach. Achieve your goals.
  • Tailor-made training program
  • Workouts adjustment based on life conditions
  • Personal coach and expert advice in chat
  • Quality workouts and video
  • Garmin, Strava, Zwift integration
  • Training blog and sports news
  • Tailor-made workouts
  • Life-based adjustment
  • Personal coach in chat
  • Quality workouts and video
  • Garmin, Strava, Zwift
  • Blog and news
Why choose us?
Everything for sports in one App
Tailor-made workouts, adjustable plan, personal coach, videos, progress tracking, news and blog.
Fits into your life
Your training plan and workouts are seamlessly adjustable and tailored to life. Based on actual fitness data, your pre-training recovery and post-workout feedback
Integrated into favourites
Connect OMY! Sports account with Strava, Garmin or Zwift and train the way you like.
Premium service
Start 2-week for free and stay on premium for 7,90 euro/month.
How it works
On-board and get your workouts plan
Go through 2 min survey to let us set-up your personal training plan. Check your training calendar and get started.
Start training to make workouts fit into your life
Connect Strava or Garmin, start training, give feedbacks, share how you feel. Your trainings will adjusts accordingly.
Have question? Talk to your coach 24/7
Feel free to ask coach in chat on training tips, recovery, healthy habits, injuries etc.
Watch videos, read news and stay motivated
We will provide you with interesting content and keep you motivated with new goals and challenges.
What clients say
I like running, especially running races. But I had no time, patience and there was nobody to help me with it. Moreover, I always thought personal training should cost a lot. You changed my mind. It's affordable, nice and easy. Now my running makes sense. Bravo!
Tatyana, medical student
I accomplished my biggest 2021 challenge and qualified for Marathon for All in Paris Olympics 2024. Thanks to you, guys, it was like a dream come true!
Pierre, business owner
Fantastic training results! I shaved 30 min off my Olympic triathlon time. Now I run 10k at 45 min down from almost 50 min last year, ride 40km 20 min faster. Moreover I learned and managed to run marathon at 3.30 and now can't live without training that makes sense. No bullshit, just high quality training!
Alex, top manager
I'm running for almost 30 years. Nothing can actually surprise me and honestly it got boring. But you made it fun)) I like the App, especially chatting with you guys. What I really like is feeling fresh and motivated to get back to running again. Thanks, guys!
George, school teacher
London, Berlin