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5 tips to easily chat with Rob, AI.

Artificial intelligence
Chatting with Rob, AI is a new way to quickly get quality answers to your questions in OMY! Sports app chat. Many athletes have already started asking Rob questions. Some of them work out great right away, while others have some difficulties. Keep 5 tips to help elevate your communication with Rob to a higher level and get quality answers.
The general rule for communicating with Rob works like a pass in basketball - the better the pass, the better the chance the ball will end up in the basket. It's the same in reverse.

Keep 5 hints to help you get accurate answers to your questions from Rob, AI.

  1. Rob is your personal encyclopedia for answers to questions about running, cycling, triathlon and more. Feel free to ask him about nutrition, recovery, injuries, anaerobic metabolism, lactate, maximum oxygen consumption, pace and heart rate zones, carbon fiber running shoes and more.
  2. Rob will give you the dry facts but won't give you his opinion, so don't ask him for personal recommendations or ask him to choose for you. It's easy for him to compare carbon and aluminum bikes, but he won't tell you which one to choose.
  3. Rob answers your questions from a blank slate - he doesn't own the context you're in. He's happy to offer you alternatives for "hill running," "progressive running," or other workouts. But to do that, you need to phrase the question fully and describe the workout in detail.
  4. Rob is an assistant - he has no right to change your schedule in the app. That's handled by the generation algorithms or human coaches. Don't ask to swap out workouts, make the week easy, or anything like that. If you have such a question, ask your coach in chat (left).
  5. Rob works better if your request contains a single question. Don't get carried away with listing all the topics you're interested in in one question. And ask the next question after answering the previous one. Narrow the topic to get a more specific answer. Instead of "How should a runner eat?" try asking "How many calories should I consume during a marathon?".

If you don't understand something, reach out to your coach in a neighboring chat room. He will definitely be able to help!