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Meet Rob, your AI-coach in chat.

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We continue to expand your AI capabilities for personalized training. Alongside the human coaches of our coaching team, you can now chat with Rob - an AI-powered personal coach in our app

What is Rob, AI?

Rob is powered by ChatGPT and integrated with OpenAI. He specializes in running, cycling and triathlon coaching. Rob is always on call and available 24/7 with no restrictions.

Rob’s main tasks.

Rob’s task is to complement and assist coach Max and the other OMY! Sports coaches while maintaining quality of communication and reducing the time to answer your questions.

What questions should you ask Max and Rob?

To chat with a human coach (most often coach Max), turn the chat lever to the left position and discuss any questions you want. Among them are those in which only human coach can help you: How to adjust your plan or change pace or distance? How to accomplish your specific workouts for the week? How to put all your future races into a workout plan? A coach can help with motivation, create a plan for a race day, or listen to complaints.
Turn the chat lever to the right and chat with Rob, AI. Now you’re better off asking questions on more general topics. What workouts are best for which distances? What is LT and what does it mean? What is the best way to eat during training and competition? Why running in carbon sneakers? What is a “marathon wall”? How to recover faster? What are the most common runners injuries? Rob’s range of questions is unlimited — try asking yours!

What is the difference between Max and Rob?

  1. Rob will answer you immediately — within 10–15 seconds. A human coach — after he has answered others (be patient).
  2. Rob is available 24/7 with no lunch breaks, after-hours, weekends and vacations. A human coach’s hours are as limited as yours — so don’t be too upset with longer waiting on weekends.
  3. Rob speaks multiple languages — he is able to answer you in your native language. Sprichst Du Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? ¿habla español?

Why did we add Rob to the chat?

You have a lot of questions and want to know more. You have little time and want to get answers faster. You want to get different opinions to compare and choose what suits you.
Either way, coach and runner communication is very important in the training process. Answering questions helps to improve the quality and resuts of your training. We offer you different options — with AI and Human.