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New marathon algorithms 🚀

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We have updated marathon training algorithms to make them work better while being made to measure every amateur runner's behavioral patterns and fitness while getting ready for a marathon.

The myth about marathoners.

Many believe that a marathon is a distance for exceptional runners, not normal people. One needs to possess the inherent superpower to be able to run a marathon. We at OMY! Sports strongly believe that running marathons can be learned by everyone.

Marathoners are rare.

There are 1,1–1,3 mln marathoners in the world. According to statistics, they account for 12% of all race participants globally. This figure has been going down since the year 2000 when marathon participation accounted for 25% of the total number of participants. Yes, Right! There were much fewer race participants on those days, but

Marathon scares.

Most runners experience fear and self-doubt when considering a marathon race:
“I definitely can’t do that. Never.”
“It’s too difficult. I don’t have that capacity and skill.”
“Without professional training there are 0 chances.”
That´s actually what they used to say before running their first 5K, 10K or even 21.1K almost straight "from the couch".

Mararthon requires quality.

The higher the bar, the greater the quality requirement. You can prepare and run 5K or 10K from the couch, but a marathon requires a more rational approach. The quality training program, expertise and communication should be there.

Quality of the training plan.

Updated algorithms of OMY! Sports training generation engine allow everyone to get customized marathon-specific workouts that are based on individual abilities. Now marathon challenge is achievable by everyone!

What has been improved?

  1. Flexible and individually customized logic of training volume growth depending on the time to the race.
  2. Special attention to the long run, taking into account individual parameters and the logic of changing the duration and intensity.
  3. Improved criteria of definition of individual peak running volume depending on various parameters.
  4. Better system response and adaptation to current running results and other specific performance indicators.
  5. Improved logic of setting up and initiation of training paces.

What will it give you?

Our workouts, especially the updated version, can improve your performance by 7–14% over time, depending on the distance and discipline.

What does this mean in numbers?

1 hour 50 minutes at a distance of 21.1 km can be improved by 8–17 minutes.
3 hours 50 minutes for 42.2 km can be improved by 20–35 minutes.*
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*We do not promise to achieve such an increase after 1 month of training and do not predict the result for your next race. The improvement is achievable over undefined period of time and depends on personal physical abilities and training discipline.