OMY! Sports News

Release 1.10.2

New features
We added a new Dashboard section, which you can find in the tab bar. It contains general information on your current activities and training plans:

  • Training effect metric
  • Today’s planned and executed workouts
  • Weekly progress bar
  • Active training plans with plan-fact graphs
  • Goals of each training plan

The Training Effect metric (speedometer on the dashboard) gives you the answer to the question “What is the overall effect of my training?”. The effect value is an accumulated indicator over a long period of time. We distinguish 5 types of training effects:

  • Optimum
  • Recovery
  • Undertraining
  • Overreaching
  • Overtraining

You will find a description of each type under the speedometer. If you have questions about how this metric works for you, feel free to ask questions in the chat.

Personal Best estimation

When onboarding to the OMY! Sports we estimate your personal best effort on target distance. This estimation is based on your current fitness level and takes into account the effect of training on our plan.

Updated Workouts Calendar

We have updated the colors and design of the training calendar and added a description of the current training week in the upper left corner of the screen.

Connection to Strava and Garmin

When starting using the OMY! Sports app, we recommend connecting Garmin or Strava. By uploading your training history, you will receive an optimally customized individual plan. Loading your current training data will constantly “draw” fitness, recovery, and load graphs. Updating your training data significantly enhances the optimal adaptation of your future workouts.
Download OMY! Sports App, we will keep you updated and fit ⛹‍♂️