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Smart trainer is your best friend for training in winter 🎅

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If it's cold and slushy outside, that's no reason to put off training until spring. Indoor bike training can solve the problem of bad weather, keep you motivated and open up new opportunities for you.

What is indoor bike training? No, we're not talking about ergometers or other medical staff. And we're not talking about boring cycling workouts with soap operas in the fitness club. Modern indoor cycling machines or smart trainers are an exciting world. They allow you to stay in shape and ride with friends on your favorite tracks around the world. Even in winter ❄️

There is a lot to see and do here.

► numerous Zwift tracks that are fun to ride.
► the possibility of riding together with friends or just in a random group.
► downloading tasks from your individual OMY! Sports training plan.
► racing in competitions at any time and of any level.
► and of course, Like, Share, Post

Every training session is an adrenaline rush, new emotions and 100 reasons to tell about your successes.

Smart trainer - what is it?

A home bike smart trainer is a device under the rear wheel of your bike that creates the right amount of resistance and transfers it to the pedals, creating a load for you in accordance with the training task or changes in the terrain of your chosen track. The more resistance you pedal with, the higher the power or speed.

What kind of trainers are there?

Rear wheel trainer is a good option for those starting out. They have everything you need. These include such models as Elite Qubo, the Tacx Booster or the Wahoo Kickr Snap, etc.

✅ Direct-drive smart trainers are more expensive, but offer a wide range of features - they can handle more power, respond interactively to changes in track terrain, measure performance more accurately, etc. These include Tacx Flux or Tacx Neo, Wahoo Kickr Core, Elite Direto, etc.

Rollers - for example, Taxc Galaxia or Elite Quick Motion. These are the most affordable but require an advanced level of bike handling.

✅ Advanced smart bikes like Wahoo Kickr Bike or Tacx Neo Bike Smart. They look like a complete indoor bike and an astronaut trainer at the same time. They offer almost unlimited possibilities for customization and training. But they also cost like space shuttle.

Personalized bike training.

OMY! Sports gives you the option to create customized indoor cycling workouts and exports it to Zwift or Garmin. To do this, use the Add Plan button on the Dashboard. Each of your bike workouts is available in an indoor version and can be exported to Garmin bike computer or Zwift for execution on the smart trainer.
If you want to seriously improve your winter fitness or learn a new sport, then cycling traininer is what you need.

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