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How my AI-coach helped me to run faster for less.

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OMY! Sports is an AI-powered sports coach. We are regularly asked what it is and how it works. Pls read the answer below.

If you are training with coach, everything is very familiar. At first glance AI-coach behaves as Human:

✅ creates a training plan,
✅ details all workouts,
✅ reminds and tracks implementation,
✅ adjusts workouts as needed
✅ shows you how to perform correctly
✅ tracks your progress and
✅ communicates to you

But then the differences begin. A significant part of the work is carried out by the developed AI-algorithms. These are training data analysis, workouts adjustment and plan recalculation. Communication via chat is still performed by the team of experienced coaches. All-in-all it's 2 in 1: AI and Human together. The experience and knowledge of the team of trainers determines quality of training methodology and model. Next comes the algorithms, their reliability and stability.

What does "quality of training model" mean?

Our service uses professional periodisation-based training methodology that has been tested and adapted for amateurs. It's a combination of professional sports experience, University degree in sports and health and a total of more than 20 years of experience in training amateurs of various levels - from beginners to advanced. Very many started running and learned how to run at 140 HR. Others began to regularly participate in races of 5, 10 or 21 km. Ambitious amateurs have run their first marathons and have already registered for the next one. There are even those who were able to do this in less than 3 hours.

Why does algorithms' stability matter?

Algorithms stability is about quality of IT-code and how developed is the AI-model. More precisely it's about the model of collecting, analysing and interpreting fitness-data. There are many conditions and parameters that allow this model to effectively analyze your data and adjust your workouts and the plan. Doing it traditional way (by human coach) usually takes several hours per 1 training week per client. AI-coach does it in seconds. For example, suppose you did an important workout and your actual HR and running pace data shows that you can run faster. The model understands it and now all of your future workouts are adjusted with new training paces.

Why is this important for everyone?

There are several advantages. The most important of them are as follows:

✅ Individual approach: Your workout plan is right for you. There are no similar plan for anybody else. It is tuned to your goals and capabilities, with your unique training tasks and pace. Why that? Very many individual parameters and rules multiply differentiation and quarantee super-customized trainig plan for everyone.

✅ Availability: go to the website and download the App. That's it! You don't have to wait for anything, stand in line or wait for the answer. Everything is easy, transparent and available to everyone at any given time.

✅ Quality: There is no growth problem for our training methodology and algorithms. They work equally well and consistently for each of you. No time lags, no need to remind your coach about training plan on Monday, no quality issues. They are so created. Try it before others start to overtake you in training;)

✅ Price: Well, if you find better price, tell us. 7,9 euro/month.

✅ Still human: pro-coach is in here to help, support and communicate to you in chat.

Why did we do it?

We have known each other for over 10 years thanks to running and triathlon. There are always many sports fans around us. But most of them have never been able to achieve their sports and health goals. They simply do not have anyone to ask for help, get any relevant training advice and no chance for individual guidance. Paying 100 euro/hour of training or 500 euro/month is not an option for those who don't plan to win AG or Masters races. There were no other training options for 95% of runners. That's how OMY! Sports started 2 years ago. We just decided to create a service where every amateur athlete of any level can train with a personal coach and achieve personal goals.

My personal story with OMY! Sports.

In August 2021, right after I recovered after COVID-19, I decided to start from 0 level and prepare for my first marathon with OMY! Sports training plan. A good moment to test what we have managed to do. It took 14 weeks of training with our AI-coach and on December 12th I ran my first ever 42,2 km in Berlin Grünewald in 2 hours 42 minutes.

Respect to my AI-Coach! Great job!

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