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Adaptation in your hands.

New features Tech
The Adaptation block has been added to Settings in the updated version of the OMY! Sports app (1.16). This addition will help you choose the best training mode for you.

Where it comes from.

We often hear the question, "I did a workout and my plan changed. Why?" or "After my workout today, my whole schedule changed. How do I get it back?"

The concept of adaptation.

As you know, adapting or adjusting future workouts based on the information we receive from you about the workouts you've done is an important value of our service. It allows us to take into account the training work (or load) you have done, compare it to the planned load from your workout, and adjust upcoming workouts so that the total amount of training work (load) for the week meets your goals.

Why we adapt the plan.

More often than not, we find ourselves needing to adapt future assignments after many people overload themselves on easy workouts. This is due to the desire to run faster at every running workout. And while heart rate is the main indicator on easy runs, it is the pace that many continue to look at. As a result, instead of recovery running in the second heart rate zone, many end up running at an intensity far above planned. The recovery goal is not met and we will have to change your plan. By the way, this is the most common mistake runners make - we detailed its consequences in the article "3 Mistakes of Easy Running".

Adaptation in your hands.

In the Running Settings section, the Adaptation block has appeared. In it you will find two switches that turn on/off: Weekly Adaptation and Post-Workout Adaptation.
Weekly Adaptation is always on by default. It works based on the results of your completion of the entire week. It is applied at the time of pre-generation of the future week's training plan over the weekend and can be adjusted finally on Monday after your answers to the weekly questionnaire.
Post-Workout Adaptation can be turned on or off by you at your discretion. If this adaptation is turned on, be prepared for your current week to vary. This can be especially common after too intense easy run. The changes are most often expressed as intervals, tempo or progressive running workouts "disappearing" somewhere. The system will remove them from the plan so that you don't overload. So it's up to you: either turn adaptation on after every workout but try to do your workouts closer to your plan, or turn it off and do your workouts the way you want.
We hope that these changes will give you a better understanding of how the system works and more opportunities to customize it for you.