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Marathon Week 🍝

Nutrition Planning Useful
The marathon season has started. The Majors are coming. What is the best way to spend the week before the marathon?
  1. It’s better to undertrain during marathon week than the other way around. You have already done everything you can. You won’t have time to make a difference, but it’s easy to do too much damage with too much zeal.
  2. Eat more carbs (pasta) to accumulate enough glycogen in the muscles, which you will have to fully spend during the marathon.
  3. Try to stock your body with salts. During the marathon, you will lose significant amounts of potassium and sodium, which keep your muscles running smoothly. To avoid muscle cramps, drink Rehydron or its analogs daily.
  4. Avoid fiber — temporarily eliminate fresh salads, vegetables, fruits, and berries from your diet. They take a long time to digest and will definitely not help you run faster.
  5. If possible, minimize being in public places to avoid exposing yourself to the risk of viral diseases. And of course, don’t get hypothermic.
  6. Get enough sleep to maximize your recovery. 8 hours of sleep is the gold standard.
  7. Put your tried and true sneakers by the door and run in them. They will bring you good luck!
  8. If you have any questions, ask your trainer.

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