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How long will it take to run a sub-2H marathon in legal conditions?

Kelvin Kiptum from Kenia set the new men’s marathon world record at 2:00:35 breaking Kipchoge’s 2022 record by 34 sec. It’s only 35 sec slower than 2 hours. Will it be possible to run sub 2 hours and how long will it take?
Kiptum is only 23 years old and has only 3 marathons in the books — Valencia Marathon 2022 (2:01:53), London Marathon 2023 (2:01:25) and now Chicago Marathon 2023 (2:00:35, WR). This looks like he is on the way to breaking below 2 hours in no time.
Here is a quick comparison of Kiptum Chicago run vs Kipchoge Berlin run.
Another supportive factor is a step forward with running shoe tech that should make it possible. Kiptum wore a prototype shoe, approved by World Athletics for developmental use under “NikeDev163”. The same shoe was used by Kipchoge in Berlin and Hassan in Chicago. Tigst Assefa, the new women’s marathon world record holder (2:11:53 in Berlin 2023), wore Adidas’ Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1.
So is it possible to break below 2 hours and how much time will it take? No one knows. But seems inevitable.

OMY! Sports Team.