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We stay. For peace 🕊

We keep doing sports together, no matter what. We continue to help you become fit and healthy, seek and find motivation, talk and get supported, find answers to difficult questions, share ideas and achieve goals.

We continue servicing people from different countries, despite the division that is going on in people’s heads. Everyone deserves personal attention and human support in sports, health, and around it. Especially now.

We continue, often for free. Despite all financial difficulties. If sport is an important part of your life, come and train with us for free.

We continue to communicate, support, explain and encourage you in different languages — Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and English.

We continue without borders. Huge territories and millions of people have lost connection to other parts of the world. We keep you connected through our interfaces. 

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Stay fit, keep peace of mind, stay connected.