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Long run basics ✨

Do you want to run long distances? Skip any workouts, but make sure you do 1 long run per week.

Every Saturday/Sunday morning main running routes around come to life. Runners start their weekend long run journey 🚀

Why is it important to go for a long run once a week?

🏃🏻 adaptation of musculoskeletal system to a lasting vertical load;
🏃🏻 increases content of mitochondria and capillaries around muscle fibers;
🏃🏻 improves the metabolic function of body;
🏃🏻 learns to economically use oxygen to increase performance;
🏃🏻 develops psycho-emotional resistance to prolonged and continuous stress.

A long workout is when you continuously run for 1.5 hours or more. The main part of glycogen in the muscles and liver begins to be depleted, and the body continues to work mainly on fat energy supply.

It is believed that long-term running should be 20–25% of your weekly volume. With the growth of physical fitness, the mileage of a long workout will also increase.

Pace is just as important as duration. Most long runs are usually done slowly, at low intensity. But depending on the period of preparation and the goal, the intensity may vary. There are several options for training: long runs at conversational pace, progressive, variable, with accelerations inside, with the surge at the end, and so on.

Do you want to run long distances? Skip any workouts, but be sure to do 1 long run per week. Better yet, do everything according to plan.