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How to return to training after Covid-19?

Recovery and the mode of return to training depends on the severity of the symptoms of the disease.

🦠 Light form. It seems that you practically did not get sick, but it is worth stopping training for at least 14 days from the moment you receive a positive test result. Come back gradually, starting with alternating walking and running, then gradually add super easy crosses. Training load should be defined depending on the reaction of the body: wait 1–2 days after the first workout and evaluate your condition. If you are ok, do the next one. If not, repeat the cycle until you feel normal after the first “walk”

🦠 Medium form. You experienced all the symptoms of the disease — high temperature, weakness, loss of smell — but there was no hospital. In this case, a return to training is possible at least 2–4 weeks after full recovery and consultation with a doctor. DO NOT consider a negative COVID-19 test as recovery. Do a blood test and a heart examination . If they show decent results, you have recovered. Anyways consult with your doctor. The approach to training is similar to the previous one — start with walking and watch body reaction even more closely.

🦠 In case of a severe form of disease and hospitalization, the return to sports may be delayed and should be strictly under the supervision of a doctor. And only after examinations of the heart, lungs, blood tests to make sure that all indicators returned to normal. It is difficult to estimate the timing here, for each recovery period will be individual. Just be patient.

These are common recovery principles

✅ Wait for at least 7 days from the moment you feel no symptoms at all before you go for the first training. Start with very light activity: walking, stretching, yoga. In fact, you won’t pull anything else.

✅ No intense runs in the first month of training. The entire load should be no higher than the second zone of heart rate intensity.

✅ Forget for a while about the volumes and intensity you had before the illness, take time to return to them.

✅ If you have competitions planned in the next 2 months, you’d better skip them.

✅ Keep track of your health. Stop training and immediately consult a doctor, if you suddenly feel unwell.

Empirical Formula

At the moment, there is an empirical recovery formula “50/30/20/10”, thta works in most cases:

■ First week of training: up to 50% of your base habitual volume.
■ Second week: 30% less than the base volume. Increase the load only if the training in the first week was comfortable.
■ Third week: 20% less than the usual volume.
■ Fourth week: 10% less. You can almost go back to your previous training volumes and gradually add intensity to your workouts.

Each person’s recovery is different. It is very important to listen to your condition and take your time. Stay fit and healthy!

OMY! Sports Recovery Team