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How to progress in sports training

Progress in training is puzzle of many pieces. Still the main thing in this is consistency and time. Give yourself time, and the results will definitely come and stay with you for a long time. Together with fitness, the quality of life will improve: general health, eating habits, daily routine, energy level, mood, etc.

You can try to speed up the progress, but only at the expense of your health. Just by exercising 7 days a week, it’s hard to achieve anything other than physical exhaustion.

In general, it is better not to force progress and follow the basic principles:

👉🏻 Systematic and continuous training. Positive changes — an increase in speed, endurance, fitness form — are possible if you follow individual and professionally structured training plan for a significant amount of time. If you want to know how much time you need, ask your coach.

👉🏻 Gradual increase in training volume. After 30 km per week you’d better not jump to 60 km, and then to 80 km. It is a guaranteed path to injury. The maximum increase in weekly training volume is limited to 10%. But this growth rate is not the only condition when planning a weekly volume that will ensure your progress.

👉🏻 Wavy training load. If you rally want your muscles to adapt to greater training stress (to be able to become faster, stronger and endure more), be sure to alternate days of training and rest, as well as loading and recovery weeks.

👉🏻 Cyclical process. Let’s say your goal is to prepare for the racing event. Training cycles include interconnected introductory, base, load and other types of training weeks that lead you to the start line at the peak of your abilities.

Your fitness level, training data and reaction of your body to training stress is the basis on which good training plan lives and adapts to you week by week. It’s highly unlikely to do it without a coach.

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