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How to run 20% faster?

Want to run faster? It’s not that hard. All you need is:

- the right coach who will set you up for success
- a good plan that fits into your life
- training workouts that suit you

A coach or training companion can greatly change your perception of training. The right one will add to your motivation and knowledge about training.

Regularity is the basis of everything. Just keep it individual and fit for your big life schedule and fitness level. A good coach usually knows what works best.

Every workout should take into account your current fitness and help you progress toward your goal.

Once all is there, you will see the performance improvement soon. Here is a typical graph of the results times (h: min) of an average runner who trains with an virtual coach (10 km and 21,1 km):

Actual results improve in the range of 9 to 20% depending on fitness, available time, gender, and other factors.

Download the coaching app on iOS or Android and start running faster!