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How to perfectly set up your training with

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Once our customers start training with, there are many how-to questions:

  • changing the training volume in the plan.
  • putting workouts on certain days.
  • changing the number of workouts per week.
  • adding or moving individual workouts
  • and so on.

Read below for the best way to do this.

The settings menu in the mobile app.

Go to the Settings section and click the Edit button. There you will see all plan parameters. Depending on the desired result, you can change:
  • training days
  • weekly running volume
  • custom long run distance
  • maximum result (performance)
  • maximum heart rate
  • pause/resume your plan.

The number and distance of individual workouts.

The best way to change the number and distance of workouts is by adjusting the Weekly Running Volume. We determine this value based on your answers in the questionnaire or data from the sports watch (if connected). Yet, you can put your custom value at any time. This will change the total training volume and the distance of individual workouts (tasks).
Example. Let’s imagine that your answer to the question “What is your average training volume?” is 20 km. This value will appear in this field automatically. Increasing your running volume per week to, say, 30 km would increase the distances of all of the week's workouts. Perhaps additional workouts will appear. The higher the volume per week, the more workouts will be scheduled and the distance of each of them will also increase.

Weekly running volume.

Over time, your training volume per week will gradually grow (around 10% per week, excluding recovery weeks). Initially, we start by setting the figure according to your usual running volume. This is the average value of the last 3 weeks, which we take from the questionnaire or from your sports watch (if connected). Why is that? We won’t challenge you to any “ideal” number — at least at the very beginning. Everyone’s volume is individual and is based on their current fitness level. Experienced 21.1k runners can start with 50–60k a week, others can afford 20k, and some — no more than 10k. We take into account your real capabilities and act carefully to make no harm. But you can change this value at any time.

What to consider when changing the volume of running in Settings?

We recommend increasing your initial volume by no more than 20%. This is how you can avoid injury.
  • Long-distance running is defined as a share of the total volume per week (about 30%). The more you run per week, the longer the distance of the long run.
  • The greater your weekly volume, the more workouts are planned. This rule also works in reverse. The minimal number per week is 10 km with a minimal workout distance of 3 km. Keep this in mind when setting your values.

Long run distance.

If the long run distance is not suitable for you, set your own value. To do this, turn on the switcher of the Custom Long Run and set the value in km. Please note that the distance of a long run should not exceed 40% of the running volume per week in order to avoid injury.

Re-arranging workouts during the week.

Initially, we arrange the workouts by week so that they fit perfectly with your goal, training methodology, and best meet your requirements on the available days of the week. But you can rearrange them as you like. To do this, use the Edit button inside each workout.

Training pace and heart rate.

Training pace (or power for cycling) and heart rate in your workouts are determined based on your recent performance (maximum result) and the maximum heart rate value. We get these parameters from your answers in the questionnaire. Check these values and make changes if necessary. Important! The maximum result is the time of your maximum effort on any distance. Normally it’s your recent race result or test run.

Training days.

Available training days are all the days you can actually exercise. The more days are available, the more workouts will be scheduled. We recommend putting in more available days than the number of workouts you expect to get. If you plan to train 3 days a week, it is better to put 4 or 5 available days.

The Settings section in the web (desktop) application.

Even more options are available in the Settings section of the web application (desktop interface). Go to and log in with your email and password from the mobile app. You will see the schedule, settings, chat and other. Inside the Settings menu, you can set all the options listed above + some additional ones:
  • certain exact number of training days
  • certain number of intense workouts

Both interfaces — a mobile app and a web app — are connected to each other. Whatever you change in Settings in one of them will immediately be reflected in your schedule on all devices.
If you take advantage of these customization options, your training plan will perfectly match your requirements from the very beginning. Change the settings at any time if necessary.
Sincerely yours,