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Release notes: Apple Health and Performance Forecast 🚀

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The new release of the OMY! Sports app (1.14) is published! There you will find several important updates.

⚡ Apple Watch and Apple Health connectivity.

We have received many requests from Apple Watch users asking us to implement the ability to connect their Apple Watches. It took some time and we are finally happy to make this feature available.
The connection is made in the “hamburger” menu (on the top left) of the OMY! Sports app followed by authorization in the Apple Health app.
If you use another watch connected to your Apple Health account (other than Apple Watch), it can now also be easily connected to the OMY! Sports through Apple Health.

⚡ Performance forecast.

Who wants to know the future? The Performance Forecast feature will help you with that. It is now available at the bottom of the Dashboard in the app. We present our estimation of your achievable maximal result for 5km, 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km taking into account the effect of OMY! Sports virtual coach training (exclusively). Promptly update your recent race participation results to keep maximum result estimation up to date.
We remind you that the presented values are not our promise and do not refer to a specific start. They are achievable for those who have selected the “Prepare for a race” goal, have a sufficient training period and follow the OMY! Sports virtual coach’s training plan in a disciplined manner.

⚡ New videos inside workouts.

We’ve added new videos to your workouts — now with even more cool exercises to strengthen your legs, core and other muscles. During the off-season, this is what it’s best to pay special attention to.
Stay tuned. OMY! Sports.