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Life hack: how to automatically upload a workout if your sports watch is not Garmin?


Why upload workouts?

Uploading workout data to the OMY! Sports app is the main way to get your post-workout feedback. With this, we get enough data to adapt and update your training plan for the next week based on your actual recent workouts.

How to upload data without Garmin?

  1. Go to training with the OMY! Sports app on your phone. Start recording your workout in your usual activity-tracking app and in OMY! Sports GPS tracker simultaneously.
  2. Proceed similarly with sports watches (if they are not Garmin). Start recording simultaneously on the watch and in the app’s GPS tracker.
  3. Start your workout and control your pace, heart rate and distance wherever you want. At this time, the GPS tracker will record your run.
  4. After finishing, tap Pause → Finish → Save on the GPS tracker screen. The completed workout will be automatically uploaded to your training plan!
IMPORTANT! The route map and pace information on the GPS tracker screen is preliminary. The final information will appear immediately after saving and loading into your schedule. Drag the schedule down to update.
PS. We are gradually adding features and working on expanding the number of integrated watches and apps (in addition to Garmin and Strava). We will communicate once a new device is added.