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How not to get confused when preparing for several starts.

The outdoor races season has already begun — the first starts are approaching. If you’re planning several races at the same time, you’ll want to prepare for each of them. How to do this with the help of OMY! Sports AI coach?

Race Calendar.

Race Calendar inside Settings plays an important role for planning your season and keeping your training paces up-to-date. All you need to do to make it work properly is to enter your upcoming and previous starts.

Data about upcoming races.

To add new race click + and fill in the suggested fields. The most important ones are Date, Distance and the “Goal Race” switch.

Goal Race switch

Turning this switch to on (right position) will cause the app to realign your current training schedule for this event.

Why is this important?

When registering in OMY! Sports app, you specified the goal you plan to train for. Let’s say this is racing and you defined the Race 1 in 1 month as a goal. Race 1 becomes a Goal Race by default. While you are training for it, you could register for 2 more races — Race 2 in 2 months and Race 3 in 3 months. Let’s assume that Race 3 is now the most important race. So when you enter it in the Calendar you need to mark Race 3 as a Goal Race. In this case, the training will be rearranged for the date and distance of the this race.
If you already have scheduled events by the time you sign up for the app, enter them all into your Calendar. Choose your target race and start training.

How do the other races count?

All the races in your Race Calendar, other than your Goal race, are also taken into account. So don’t worry, you’ll be in good shape for each of your races. That being said, the best form will be exactly the day before the Goal Start.

Which race is a Goal race?

  1. If you have one major race planned for the current season, that is the Goal race.
  2. If you want to participate in two important events— the first at the beginning and the second at the end of the season — then set the first event as the Goal race first. And then after you participate in it define the second start as a Goal.
  3. If you are preparing for running and cycling events, you can set one Goal Race in each sport.
  4. If your main race is still far away — for example, in 9 months — it makes sense to set a closer race as a Goal.
  5. Leave yourself plenty of time to prepare for the Goal race. It doesn’t make sense to define as Goal a marathon in 2 weeks. The training plan won’t have time to unfold properly.

Past Races.

The entered results of past races are not only your diary, but also the way to keep your maximum result and therefore your training pace instantly updated.
We wish you a varied and fruitful start season.