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Success formula for your first race. Fast is slow but without interruptions.

Keep these 6 practical ideas on managing expectations, forming the right attitude, having fun, and getting the most out of your first race.

By the way, many of them are suitable for the second, third, and subsequent races.

Here we go!

  1. Before choosing the first race, it is better to divide your ambition by 2. If you are sure that you can handle 10 km, register for the 5K race. And if you have a 21 km race or marathon in your head, start with a 10 km race.
  2. The main goal for successfully taking part in the first start is finishing. Do not rush things and do not shape them. Don’t try to predict the result now. Even if you are ready and full of ambition, keep it for yourself.
  3. Get the race plan from your coach and try to stick to it. Ask us beforehand in the chat or read how to run a 10k and a half marathon and marathon.
  4. Use the “Fast is slow but without interruption” strategy. Run at a pace that will definitely allow you to run the entire distance at the same pace. This way you will probably run faster than if you start fast and then walk.
  5. Have a rest week before the start — physically and mentally. Get enough sleep, and reduce the amount of running. If you were preparing for the start in advance, you have already done everything you need. If you haven’t, don’t make yourself worse by trying to catch up.
  6. The most interesting things at your first event happen when you cross the finish line. There you will get your first finisher medal, meet new people, share your experience, drink free beer and become part of a large and vibrant running community.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the OMY! Sports appchat.