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3 costly mistakes of easy running and how to avoid them.

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How to avoid the mistakes of easy running and get the most out of it?

Easy distance running takes up to 70% of the training volume of experienced runners. This fact is connected with its obvious advantages.

  • strong heart, low heart rate and increased endurance.
  • activation of brain and the production of endorphins.
  • strong muscles, joints and ligaments without the risk of injury.
  • fat burning and weight loss.

All these effects are the basis for growth of training results of anyone who wants to see the progress. A strong heart muscle is a guarantee of successful performance in intense workouts that provide an increase in speed. Strengthened ligaments and joints protect against injuries during running.

However, easy running is almost always done with errors.

  • The wrong ambition to overtake other runners.
  • Perception mistake: every workout is a struggle.
  • The wrong focus on the pace, rather than on heart rate (HR).

What causes the wrong execution of easy running workouts?

  • The heart rate remains high, and endurance stays low.
  • Unnecessary injuries occur.
  • There is no progress in speed.
  • Low progress, leads to low motivation — many return to the couch.

How to properly train in the second heart rate zone?

  • The main thing in easy running is HR. Forget about pace for a while.
  • The target heart rate interval for the entire workout is 130–140 beats.
  • Being able to continue conversation is guarantee for proper training.

There are several tricks to properly perform such workouts.

  • Remove the pace from the screen of your sports watches. Focus on heart rate data.
  • Run and talk with your friends! If you are silent, slow down.
  • Start very slowly. Jog for 10 minutes.
  • If your heart rate is above 140, feel free to slow down or even walk until your heart rate drops below 130.

How to understand that you did everything right? After a workout, you feel better than before.

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