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170 km ride, 4500 m elevation gain — best possible training for Ironman bike.

Alex is powered by OMY! Sports and is going for full distance triathlon in 5 weeks. How could he get to the best cycling form fast and furiously? Ride as long as you can and gain as much as possible in one day! 

L’étape du Tour de France — a 170 km ride with 4500 m elevation gain to Alpe d’Huez through Col du Galibier — is perfect to accomplish this mission. 

Deal done. That’s what he said about this epic ride: 

“Once you ride up you can train whatever you want — low cadence/high power, high cadence/low power, intervals, and so on. The longer the uphill the better. Galibier is perfect — long and not super hard. 

Enjoy long downhills afterward, but stay focused and equipped (with a jacket). Your speed limit is rather in your head. Breaks matter too. Disc breaks are now my favourites — they give safety, so you can actually ride faster. 

Mass ride to Alpe d’Huez is like riding to Alpe du Zwift, you ride in a crowd of all types of cyclists but for real. No groups, no drafting, everyone is working on his/her own. Hard and fair.” 

Mission accomplished. Alex is now fit and proper — at least for Ironman bike leg. Now it’s time to run 🏃🏽💨