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Mental stress and sports.

There are many reasons for stress nowadays. It affects our sleep, physical and mental performance, relationships with loved ones, and health. Our task is to find ways to deal with stress. Physical activity is one of them.

Sports activities allow not only distract from stress. They create psychological and physical prerequisites for a successful battle against it. Let’s see how and why regular exercise builds resilience to stress.

Happiness hormones.

This concept covers the neurotransmitters — serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These hormones are activated through physical exercise. And also with the help of food, shopping, and parties. You can handle the food, shopping, and parties by yourself. Let us help you with the exercises. Each of the hormones is associated with a specific effect that occurs when performing physical activity. Dopamine is responsible for joy when a person does something he or she needs. Endorphin contributes to the effect of euphoria, a surge of energy. Serotonin is associated with recognition and respect from others. Oxytocin gives a sense of security. In process of performing physical activity, hormonal changes occur in the body due to the activation of these hormones.

The most common effect you have probably experienced is an emotional uplift after a workout. This is the result of the production of endorphins. Dopamine is responsible for the joy of a completed workout. Through likes and kudos on social media, you gain the respect of others. You are pleased as serotonin does its job. You have challenged yourself and have done a difficult run. You are now more confident — this is the action of oxytocin. These are all physiological reactions of the body, no magic.

Optimal load.

It is important to find the optimal load so as not to put the body into a state of stress even more. Without physical stress, there is no proper progress. But this does not apply to the period when the level of anxiety goes off the scale. In a state of mental stress adrenaline and norepinephrine are already actively produced. So keep your training intensity low: easy running, yoga, stretching, pilates, and walking work perfectly.

Concentration on the process.

You often find yourself thinking about problems while training. Bring yourself back to the present moment and concentrate on the body and its movements. Such concentration needs to be practiced. Use your training routines and get it done.

Feeling of control.

It has been scientifically proven that doing daily scheduled tasks reduces stress levels, gives you a sense of control over your life, and increases self-confidence. It is better to trust your training plan during this period and stick to it.

Workouts with friends.

Run, walk, and exercise with friends. There is no better way to deal with stress than hanging out with cool people. Go for social runs or rides, join a training group, and run together. The main thing to remember is that your friends are not psychotherapists. Do not load them with your problems, they have quite a few of their own.

The joy of accomplishment.

Even “getting out of bed” is a step in the right direction in difficult times. Take good care of yourself and try to cheer yourself up. Each small step or activity is an achievement. Such accomplishments will subtly displace stress and create a sense of fulfillment and joy. Don’t forget to praise yourself in the process.

Sport can be your friend and helper, but not a pill for all diseases. Explore other ways to deal with negative emotions and stress. All together will surely bring peace and confidence into your life 🙏🏼