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Podcasts to listen to during long sessions

There are two kinds of people in the running world: who never part with their headphones and those, apparently, with some kind of a superpower managing to get through their long runs and training sessions by diving deep into their minds and embracing the sounds of the real world. Let’s admit - it always goes easier when accompanied by music, whatever genre you like. But we are to expand those ‘categories to offer you to combine business with pleasure.

If you are one of us - you know that there is another game-changer to turn on in your AirPods - the Podcasts. Be it daily news, celebrity interviews or a casual TED talk - all able to spice it up. Especially, when we are not in the mood and do not need to focus on the pace. Rather concentrating on the people talking creates an imaginary interaction, and shifts focus of the brain (and hence body) fading away the pain and least for a while.

A 2016 study out of UC Berkeley concluded that listening to narrative stories stimulates mental imagery more intensely than watching or reading - a story can get you an adrenaline rush or boost endorphins. Perhaps, you even will be able to push your edges a little bit if tuned into the topic of your thorough interest.

Here are our top list *(with episode picks) - so there is truly one out there for everybody!

Comedy & Culture

1 Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend - is, as they put it, a subtle attempt of a well-renowned comedian to get friendships from someone besides his former colleagues.. very grounded talks, funny jokes and an all-embracing atmosphere of ‘hanging out’. *(We hesitated between episodes with Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks)

2 Podcrushed - How about a podcast from the ‘GossipGirl’? You got it right: school stories, teenage crushes and yard scuffles here and there. “Awkward, heartwarming, and always relatable” *(start with the recent one on Nicole Byer interviewing the host)

3 Fest & Flauschig - is a German podcast hosted by a satirist and a musician. As per Wikipedia - launched in May 2016 as a successor of the radio show Sanft & Sorgfältig, it became Spotify's most successful podcast worldwide in 2017.

News & Politics

4 Why it Matters - says it all - expert opinions from the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR, USA) on serious world issues well condensed in easy words and extremely engaging manner of the hot. **(go find out If we run out of coffee anytime soon in Trouble Brewing..)

5 Checks & Balances - the one from “the Economist“, elaboratively digging into politics and economy, yet backed by thorough data and ideas of academia great minds *(’One year On’ - rough and refreshing).

Life & Education

6 Think Fast, Talk Smart - we will quote its own description “lecturer in strategic communication sits down with colleagues from across campus to discuss public speaking, speaking off the cuff, nailing a Q&A, and more.” *(Communicating Uncertainty)

Marathon talk - probably the one we should’ve put as prime one..powered by Abbott World Marathon Majors -will bring you news and interviews from the world of running.

Bonus: On Purpose - features topics like mental health, building friendships, work & life balance, and more brought to you by an established life-coach, Jay Shetty (random pick would be one with Kobe Bryant*)**

And the last but not the least - the one of its kind - The Dropout, crimi style far beyond a common one. A verbal masterpiece unraveling unbelievable stories behind the greatest Silicon Valley scandal - Elizabeth Holmes and her ambitious multimillion-dollar innovation - Theranos - that failed oh-so terribly. It was later translated into HULU series. *(just try it out)

We agree it may not appear as your cup of tea at first - and it’s fine. Yet you can give it a chance at rehab or during post-run stretching. Additional knowledge would never hurt..learning about running while running - an epithomy of effective training, isn’t it?

Let us know about your top picks at