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Running Drills. Part II

We continue the series of covering special running drills from the material dated 06/26/2023. Consider the new video and 11 new exercises.

Their specificity lies in that each drill is devoted to one movement, muscle, or motor cycle. Thus, their implementation involves a minimum of technical requirements. Everything should be simple: watch the video and repeat it.

1 High knee running.

Again, the basics. This drill is an all-timer as it greatly imitates running in an exaggerated form. With each push-off of the foot, the thigh rises parallel to the surface. Hands work like in a run. Keep your body upright, do not lean back. Push off with your forefoot at a quick pace (high cadence). The main movement is up, not forward. Since it creates significant stress in the foot it should be prepared: to reduce trauma, it is advisable to perform this exercise after a 1-2 km run / warm-up.

2 High knee bounce skips.

This exercise is like jumping out from foot to foot, only the bounces off the ground are performed sharply and quickly. This way explosive movements are obtained – that trains the foot and calf muscle to make strong and fast ‘jumpoffs’ while running and not twisting the foot.

3 Bounding.

The most difficult exercise for amateur runners. It is important that both feet push off the ground. The front leg is bent towards the stomach (working the iliolumbar muscles and lower abs), the angle at the knee is 90 degrees, the back leg is staying straight. Hands work like in a run, but a little wider and further from the body.

Try to ‘jump’ as far as possible each time. Maintain coordination and balance of your body

4 High knee alternately.

Similar to the regular high hip exercise – the push-off is performed by the front of the foot (high cadence), as if jumping from a hot frying pan. The main movement is up, not forward. Creates significant stress in the foot and requires it to be warmed up. Perform alternatively on both legs raising the left then the right leg.

5-6 High knee one-sided.

The technique is similar to the previous drill. The main movement is up, not forward with a little twist. The difference is that this one is a little more isolated in terms of the leg pushing off. It is performed in 2 series - first on the left, then on the right side

7 High knee steps.

This drill is carried out by raising the front leg (as in high knee running) and pulling up the back leg. It is done on a high foot.

8 High knee steps forward and side.

The movement forward is in the previous one, but additionally you should turn the leg and raise the hip to the side (also pushing off the ground). In addition to working out the foot (position on a high foot), an emphasis goes to the anterior muscles of the thigh and the work of the hip joints.

9 High knee with extension.

To the exercise above with hip raises, add straightening the leg extending it forward. This drill will additionally strengthen the anterior thigh muscles. *Tipp imagine you are intensively stepping over a hurdle.

10 High knee jump over.

The exercise works out the ‘flight’ phase when running, as well as landing and repulsion by the front foot. The foot should be ready to take off with the subsequent extension of the back leg forward and up for the next step.

11 High knee with hands.

Working out the calf muscles. Just within 15–20 meters in the drill you will feel how tense the muscles of the lower leg are. Raising the hip engages the lower abs and iliopsoas. When we raise our legs, the gluteal muscles get stretched; when we lower them, they get in a contracted state. This stimulates their further development.

The back is straight, the hands touch the toe of the opposite leg, the foot folds inwards.

12 Backward running.

Yes. You read it right. Run backward to work out flexion of the lower leg and repulsion of the foot from the surface. The body is slightly tilted forward. Throw your legs back as high as possible by bending the knees. Hands work like in a run.

13 Straight legs backward.

Calf muscles and the muscles of the back of the thigh are involved intensively in this one. Develops coordination and a better sense of ‘movement in space’.


The one and only. Never gets old. Not for nothing have you done all 13 before. Go all out. Put together all the exercises done in one acceleration of 50–100 m & repeat. The main requirements: keep hips high, steps wide, body – straight; free work of the hands.

To be continued.

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