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For us, the most important motivation is taking part in sports events. They combine all we love about sports: ✅ challenge to take: “Can you do it? Of course yes!” ✅ sense of completion: “ I made it!” ✅ cool photos: “All eyes on me !!!”

We asked our athletes: “What are starts for you?” And got very honest and cool answers. Read and recharge!

🎉 Shopping. Expo is a very important, like a Christmas market — you probably don’t need anything, but there is always a beautiful buff, socks in color or a new gel you wanted to try for a long time.

🚃 Road to the start. Preferably by public transport. It seems that the whole universe is going with you to the start, people in sneakers and sports watches, in large garbage bags or old jackets (to be thrown away).

😅 Adrenaline. The sea of adrenaline, which begins to bleed a few days before the big events. You’re filled completely the day before .

🔥 A city blocked for you. All cities, especially the big ones, are completely different from the middle of the eight-lane highway, closed only for you.

💛 Crowds of people with positive energy. This is not the case for football (there is a lot of negativity there) or concerts (a lot of drunks). Here everyone is kind and cool.

💙 Fans who support you during the whole run. An ordinary person has not many true fans in day-to-day life.

🥇 Reward. Red carpet and medal, right now, for what you just did. You, of course, won!

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We are responsible for your motivation,
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