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How AI coach can increase your motivation to take on new challenges?

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Wintery weather, daily chaos, and stress — lead to decreased physical activity and no desire to exercise. Rather, lying on the couch, drinking wine, and watching TV become surprisingly appealing. It takes courage to pull yourself out of this state (unless you call yourself Baron Munchausen). But there are powers that can cheer you up, help stretch you to new horizons, and not lose your grip.

  1. Variety of training
  2. Freedom of choice
  3. Proper schedule
  4. Evaluation of future progress
  5. The effect of training
  6. The power of knowledge
  7. Favorable price

Variety of training

A 10k workout can be a real bore. Taking the same routes in the nearby park over and over can turn training into a Groundhog Day. Unless you have an individually designed schedule containing a variety of drills, running workouts, and videos. Remembering workouts is not at all difficult and each is interesting to perform. While others monotonously count their kilometers, you won’t notice how time flies.
Free choice (of workouts)

Amateur sport is a hobby, a way to improve health and quality of life, diversify workdays or escape from the modern-life hustle and bustle. This is far from the major occupation of an ordinary person, and even more so not a profession. The AI coach in your phone is accurate, it does not claim your personal time, neither requires the impossible result nor puts pressure on you morally.

The app does not determine when and where you train. Always ready to adjust, gives you complete freedom to choose a training. The coaching team behind the app will answer your questions once needed and guide you, sharing experience and support. So there are no “work your butt off”, “dare you to do more” or similar tricks. Only what you actually want.

Proper schedule

Creative chaos in running can lead to injury, lack of progress, and loss of desire to continue. The pace does not increase, the pulse does not drop even after several months of chaotic runs. Do you remember how you started, how many expectations and hopes you had? Not to mention it was not supposed to lower self-esteem.

With a digital coach, you have every chance to bring your plans to life and improve. By some estimates, 87% of sports enthusiasts make significant progress following an appropriate and flexible training plan. Personalization, structure, and order are a guarantee of moving forward while enjoying the process. This is what forms a habit of running. Time goes by, you look back and get surprised at how far you have advanced.
Evaluation of the future progress

Drawing your attention to feasible future progress is an important element of motivation. With this approach, the results will soon begin to less of your current fitness level. And over time, you’ll see a bigger improvement. Find out how to run faster (and longer) here. Achieving seemingly unachievable results is a completely achievable task. You just have to know and consistently pursue a particular path. An AI coach's prime task is to reveal your hidden abilities and clearly demonstrate them to you.
Effect of completed training

How does each workout contribute to your goal? What is the overall effect of your training? Is it time to rest or do I need to push harder? These questions are asked regularly, but you rarely get simple and clear answers. It is an important task of the AI coach to find that out — as it is what your involvement and understanding of the training process depend upon.
The power knowledge gives

You will gain significant knowledge of your body and abilities through communication with a coach (via chat), watching your performance indicators, heart rate, and overall feeling after training. You’ll see what is more important for you to pay attention to running technique or heart strength, speed or endurance, carbohydrates or proteins. What is a taper (not to be confused with a tape) and how best to approach a race? Why an 8-hour sleep is more effective than fasting 16/8. How much coffee to drink if any? Why are recovery weeks necessary? What LT is and what you should know about it. All that said, and some other bits of information will come to you from your practical experience, which is more valuable than reading the coolest book on running.

Favorable price

A personal AI coach is very affordable. Get what you need and save time and money on what’s important to you besides sports.

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