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Cold season running basics

The running races season is almost done. Most major marathons are behind us. The usual question arises: what to do in winter?

First of all, give yourself a little break from running. But don’t stay too lazy for too long. If you are planning to take part in spring events, you’d better get back to running in December-January. The later you start the harder it will be to come back to form.

What could be the major objectives of training in this part of the season?

Get ready to run in cold weather, upgrade your running clothes, schedule starts, and think about new running routes. We’re sure you’ll be up and running quickly.

The main emphasis in the cold season is on strength training, general physical training, and low-intensity running. All this is great for listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or your favorite music tracks. But even better, it works as an ideal base for developing speed in the spring. With this start-of-season approach, you’ll be ready to push your personal best at select races in the spring and summer.

What are the general principles of training?

💨 Focus on aerobic training with a gradual increase in volume: forest crosses, trails, run&walks or long runs. By slowing down it is normal that your speed will decrease. This does not mean you have become weaker, you’ve just changed your focus.
💨 It’s important to do speed workouts from time to time. Especially after the age of 40, when VO2Max decreases faster. Try to perform speed workouts on track to stay warm and safe.
💨 Keep in mind general fitness and strength training. This will strengthen joints and ligaments, develop muscle strength, eliminate imbalances, and improve coordination and running technique. gives you access to video workouts in addition to running workouts to improve your overall fitness.
💨 Perform special running exercises — running ABCs. Especially during indoor training. Make them part of your running routine. We have excellent running ABC videos. By doing it regularly you will see significant improvements in your running technique.
💨 Stay motivated by running together. Set up regular group runs to challenge and motivate each other.
💨 Try to take a break without starts for 2 months. During this time, you will recover, develop a base and emotionally recharge. But if you find it easier to stay in line by participating in competitions, register for trail runs, crosses, or even ski races.
💨 Do not forget about cycling. Many cyclists have already connected their trainers to Zwift and are cycling in the virtual worlds of Watopia, Innsbruck, New York, and more.

OMY! Sports app will help you with individual training plans both for running or cycling. You will definitely be better prepared for the coming season 🎯👟