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Run, Santa, Run

Christmas shopping indeed might be compared to running a marathon, or at least, a half: with all its preparation, difinitive timing, amount of wrapping paper people are carrying around, is quite a competition. Even though it is ‘officially’ time for jingle bells, comfort, and all-day eggnog, parkruns, mass starts, and other active events have not bypassed the festive season.

Either for a pre-emptive calorie-burner, a run-away from stress, or proactive fulfilment of new year’s resolutions, we gathered some ideas to create yet another sport story and connect with loved ones.

  1. Berlin New Year’s Eve Run2-10k. (Prices 9-25€). Get your running number here
  2. Join Atleticom We Run Rome 2022: 5 & 20k (15-20€). Register here
  3. Zurich New Year marathon: Kids 750, Team run; 10k,21l,42 (70-100€). Registration is open
  4. PolarNight Half Marathon: 21k (750kr=67€). See more details

Not fancy a travel but up for a community run atmosphere on a bright Christmas afternoon? Need to be home for dinner? Here is a good chance to take advantage of the ‘online’ world, finally. Click, register, bring a friend to a virtual run. Charities are also on the list - as well as medals with goody bags!

Virtual Advent Challenge speaks for itself and is spread to the whole month of giftgiving: the-advent-challenge , then it is time for Santa to say Goodbye on ‘Farewell 2022 walk, run or jog’ farewell-2022-virtual-run , and last but not least,
smash the New Year from the very start - on January,1 2023, Virtual NY Challenge offers distances from 25 to 100 miles - so you’ll not to worry about how to get back in shape: new-year-virtual-challenge.

More Active Destinations to glide in the New 2023 Running Year

📍Denmark, Stockholm Ice Skating Natural Tours
No more place is so perfect to feel freedom from all the stress left behind. Going full swing on natural ice is somethig truly special to experience and share with others regardless of your skills.

📍ICELAND Bonfires by the Sea
The land where the ice meets fire is well-known for their Northern Lights and landcapes stunning in any season. However, there is another hallmark to be aware of: on the New Year's Eve 90 bonfires are lit across the country. The biggest ones - around 10 - are taking place in Reykjavik with the central play on Ægissíða street, right by the sea.

Alternatively, if you’re up to finally venture upon Norther Lights dream, find you magical package here.

📍France Alpine Ski World Cup 2022/2023
A bit late to the party, but will spare you some Christmas vibes and bustling sporting atmosphere delivering right to you on the snowy slope. Witnessing world athletes performing their best even in a freezing weather will definitely sprinkle some motivation on you that hopefully won’t melt away with those snowflakes. Book a ticket for a distace of your choice.

Wishing you a good start and the most wonderful time of the year! 🎶