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Personal Best estimation 🏆

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Preparing yourself for any goal is time and effort invested in achieving something ambitious. You need personal commitment today to get the undefined reward in the future.

How can you know that your future reward is good enough to commit to it today?

At the very beginning of your training journey with us, you can find out what your Personal Best can be. It’s your achievable result of going through an individually set training plan delivered by

We calculate your estimated PB by taking into account two major factors. These are current fitness level and future training effect. Algorithms define your current level by analysing answers you give during registration in the app. Individual training effect is measured in % of achievable progress while executing your training plan.

Estimated PB should not by any means be any limit for you. There is a good chance that one day you will exceed expectations! It’s all in your hands!

Once you see the PB estimation screen all you need is to stick to the plan, stay in touch in chat and follow your progress 🎯

Looking into the unknown future is hard but possible. Stay tuned and keep training with Your individual and adaptive training app📈🏃🏻👟