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How to run 1,5 million km in a year? OMY! Sports’ one year in sports.

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General users’ stats in 2022.

1,478,138 km of completed workouts in 10 different sports were uploaded to OMY! Sports servers by our users. This is almost 3 times more than in 2021.

By the way, 1.5 million km is 1% of the distance from the Earth to the Sun ☀️

155,119 workouts were completed in 143,423 hours and uploaded to us.

The actual volume of training is likely even higher given that the above figures reflect the picture of the 20% of our users who wear sports watches.

TOP 5 sports.

The most popular sports among our users in 2022 were:

Running — more than 727 thousand km of completed workouts,

Cycling — more than 602 thousand km,

Walking — more than 42.6 thousand km,

Cross-country skiing — more than 31.4 thousand km,

Swimming — more than 11.5 thousand km.

It is important to say that in 2022 we did not provide a training service for cross-country skiers, swimmers, or walkers. However, many of them use our running tasks and general recommendations in the chat.

How did our users train in 2022?

Running — average distance per workout 8.6 km (range from 6 to 16 km), average pace 6:07 min/km (from 3:40 to 11 min/km).

Cycling — average distance 23.6 km (range from 6 to 59.9 km), average speed 22 km/h (from 12 and 37 km/h).

Cross-country skiing — Average Workout 13.8km @ 4:45 min/km (from 2:40 to 8 min/km)

Swimming — average swim distance 2.3 km (range from 500 m to 4.6 km) at a pace of 2:30 min / 100 m (from 1:20 to 8 min / 100).

How does all this data relate to your volumes and speed?

What is the fitness level of our users?

The range of paces, speeds, and distances clearly demonstrates the diversity of fitness levels among our users. This is one of the main ideas of the service from the very beginning. Our training challenges are equally well suited to those who run at 6:07 min/km or 8 min/km, and those who are able to maintain a pace of 3:40 min/km. The same goes for cycling, swimming, and skiing.

What other sports are our users interested in?

More than 10,400 km of completed workouts are gym classes (fitness & strength). This is not surprising — such video tasks are included in the training schedule of each of our users.

We also received 16,000 km of ski and snowboarding activities. After that, our users actively write to us in the chat about ways to treat injuries 😅

Mountain lovers have uploaded 9,900 km of hiking and trail running workouts in total. Interesting!

We support almost all of this variety of workouts and activities with appropriate types of training tasks and tailor-made plans. Join now! Let’s form One Year in Sports together in 2023.