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Running before breakfast

Physical activity before breakfast can dramatically change you — inside & out. It is:

1. One of the best methods to lose weight quickly;

2. A good way to teach your body how to run “without food”.

Running on an empty stomach develops lipid metabolism. This is a super beneficial process when your body consumes energy from fatty acids, fats, ketone bodies and cholesterol. While others are grabbing another candy bar, you will learn how to run “without food.” And will quickly burn those extra pounds.

A few important points:

☑️ Complete your empty run slowly, in the second pulse zone (easy) and for at least 40 minutes.

☑️ Don’t get scared of new sensations from running on an empty stomach — perhaps a slight dizziness.

☑️ Morning running works only if you don’t overeat during the day.

☑️ Do not run on an empty stomach if you have diabetes.

‘Morning Benefits’💪🏼 Physical activity immediately after waking up helps to awaken your body and feel energized. Morning jogging or exercise will serve as an incentive to activate the excitation processes. This will help you escape the state of “weakness” in case you did not get enough sleep.

❤️ Training your heart for stress. Morning physical activity trains the heart muscle, pumping several times more blood than at rest. It accelerates the work of all internal organs as well as the nervous system.

🥑 Improved digestion. Any physical exercise increases the blood supply to the whole body and also activates abdominal muscles. Contraction and relaxation of those muscles stimulate additional blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, which ensures comfortable digestion.

🧠 Speed up your brain. The brain begins to actively secrete special signal chemicals that make you think faster, easier to absorb information and remember events.

⚡️The power is up in the morning! Less chance to skip a workout due to ‘being tired’ after work. Plus, you set the mood for a productive day.

Of course, morning workouts are not for everyone, it all depends on your biorhythms, daily routine, and the desired effect of training. Whether you want to recharge your batteries for the day ahead or relieve stress after a hard day at work.