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Cycling smart trainer is your main companion and friend in winter ❄️

Remember the ergometer in medical offices? We are not talking about that! Modern smart trainers allow you to keep fit, connect with friends and continue to ride around the world on two wheels. Even in winter ❄️

You can ride a new circuit every day in Watopia (Zwift) or the Swiss Alps (Rouvy), chat with friends on Discord or Zoom, do a customised workout delivered by OMY! Sports and listen to your favourite music on iTunes or Spotify.

Each such workout is adrenaline, a puddle of sweat on the floor, a sea of graphs and numbers, and 100 reasons to share it with everyone on Facebook or Strava.

True, you will have to buy one. But this is a perfect Christmas present 😉

✅ Rear wheel trainer is good for those starting out. They have everything you need, albeit no frills. These are, for example, Elite Qubo, Tacx Booster or Wahoo Kickr Snap. Price from 250 to 450 euro.

✅ Electric direct drive trainers are more expensive, but provide ample opportunities — they can withstand high power, interactively respond to ups and downs, measure data more accurately, etc. These are, for example, Tacx Flux or Tacx Neo, Wahoo Kickr Core, Elite Direto, etc. Price from 450 to 1500 euro.

✅ These are space rockets here: for example, Wahoo Kickr Bike. It looks like a ready-made bicycle and a simulator for astronauts, at the same time. It provides virtually unlimited customisation and workout options. But it costs accordingly (from 3000 euro).

✅ The most affordable, but the most difficult to operate, are roller machines such as Taxc Galaxia or Elite Arion. They require perfect bike handling skills, so we don’t recommend starting with them regardless of the price (250 to 350 euro).

If you are planning to get in shape in the winter then a smart trainer is what you need.

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