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Top Challenge: How you can take part in the Olympic Marathon in Paris 2024 🏆

Last Sunday 3600 amateur runners took part in the 5 km race together with Eliud Kipchoge. The Olympic champion ran out from behind with relaxed 2:59 min/km pace. Those who managed to finish faster qualified for the 2024 Olympic Marathon.

Pierre is the amateur runner, trained by OMY! Sports. He was able to finish in front of the Olympic champion and qualified for the Paris 2024 marathon. Wow!

Hey Pierre, huge congrats 🎉 And best luck in Summer Olympics Marathon in Paris!

Not everyone could come to Paris to fight Kipchoge. But we have another opportunity to qualify for marathon at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.


✅ Register on the Club Paris 2024 and collect 25 easy points by using G8bT7L code. 
✅ Connect sports watches and train to ensure that all your workouts count: running, cycling, walking etc.
✅ The more you train the more points you win. Get 10 pts/km of running, 2,5 pts/km of cycling, 5 pts/km of walking and so on.

Accumulate 100,000 points by December 2023 and you are qualified for the Olympic Marathon in Paris 2024 🏆

Go for it! OMY! Sports will provide you with individual training plan. You just need to run, bike, walk etc.🚀

See you soon in Paris 2024

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PS: Club Paris 2024 website is in French, so use the site’s automatic translation feature.