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How to plan race season?

The race season has begun. Everyone is running, swimming or driving somewhere every weekend. It is impossible to stay away - it's time to choose starts!

How to do it right? Get some practical advice:

👌🏼 To begin with, try to adequately assess your strengths. It all depends on how ready you are physically. A good coach often knows this better than you.

👌🏼Choose an important start for you - it can be a start with friends, in a cool place or for a personal record.

👌🏼 Racing for records, and especially marathons, are best planned at the end of the season. This way you will be well prepared and increase your chances of success. In addition to training at such starts, it is important to execute race plan perfectly. Good coach may help you with this too.

👌🏼 Look at intermediate events. Running with friends or sports tourism are great for this. For such races, choose distances shorter than the distance of the main start.

👌🏼 Better not start every week - you risk ending the season ahead of time. Give yourself time to recover and digest your recent races.

👌🏼 Allow yourself a good rest of 2 weeks in the summer without training at all. Freshness in the legs is the best a runner could feel.

👌🏼 Start preparing in advance. The “marathon from the couch” option usually ends in the same place - on the couch. Don't bring it up!

👌🏼 Find a way to train individually and at the best price for you. OMY! Sports is your best friend here!

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