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How to race at 100%?

If you’re getting ready to take part in any sports event, most likely the result is important to you. The best way perform well is following structured training and setting proper race strategy.

It only depends on 2 things:

  • How well are you prepared physically.
  • What is your race plan and can you implement it.

More often than not, a 10 to 42 km races are competition with yourself. Trying to outrun everyone is a guarantee to finish by walking. Setting-up and following your ideal race strategy will let you show 100% result.

Check out general principles of an ideal strategy for 10 km below.

Your ideal 10 km

10 km is usually divided into 3 km, 5 km and 2 km.

For the first 3 km, the main thing is to keep from running too fast. This is where it is defined whether you will speed up or slow down to the finish line. Usually, the ideal pace for the first 3 km is 3–5 sec/km faster than your target pace. If you run by HR it should be below lactate threshold level.

The following 5 km is the main part of the race, where it is important to maintain a relatively high running speed slightly above LT level of HR or at target race pace.

Final 2 km are those 20% that make 80% difference. Every bit of energy you saved up to this point will allow you to hold your pace or even to speed up when everyone else is slowing down. HR doesn’t matter here 😅

The patterns described above are general and should be individually adapted for you by the coach. Based on your HR, pace, eating habits etc.

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