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OMY! Sports virtual coach monitors and analyses your actual training to help you dose your future training load

New features
This is crucial for your training progress, health and achieving goals. Connecting your device, Strava account inside OMY! Sports app ensures this important process.

⚡️Data to record

With the use of wearable devices, you are able to gather a huge amount of data from your training. However, more is not always better - the key is to record the types of fitness data that will help you monitor your training load.

OMY! Sports is able to identify, measure and analyse specific data generated by workouts you perform. With your consent we interpret and implement this data to build your future workouts.

⚡️Feedback is important

You can also observe and record your body's response to training through pain and fatigue scores. This subjective post-workout feedback is as important as hard data generated by sports watches.

OMY! Sports virtual coach regularly asks how you feel and how hard your training was in order to measure your progress and/or prevent overtraining.

⚡️All-in-one approach

OMY! Sports is your all-in-one personal coach. We plan, monitor, analyze and update your training based on data you record and feedback you give.

OMY! Sports. Your virtual personal sports coach.