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How do we create your truly personal training plan?

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Let’s dig into the process.

AI-based algorithms take on the bulk of the work. Surely they are created by humans, both experienced sports professionals and IT specialists.

The program builds an individual training plan based on two main components:

  • your current functional state (physical capabilities)
  • your goals (races or general fitness).

The first thing to faces when starting with us is an onboarding Q&A. This stage is very important to get an adequate training plan in the very beginning. Give us a real picture so your plan will be accurate and tailored to you. What is your personal best at your chosen distance? When is the main race of the season? How much do you train now, and how much time are you ready to invest into training in the future? Stay consistent and realistic. This info defines how good your plan will look.

👉🏼 Your training plan consists of training cycles or blocks. The number of blocks depends on a number of days before the race and your current training volumes. It often happens that you need more time than you have — the program will try to adapt. It means pushing harder. We will warn you about it.

👉🏼 The ideal plan includes 5–6 blocks, from 3 to 6 weeks each. They are base, strength, aerobic, threshold etc. Each block includes 2 hard weeks and 1 week of recovery. Within each week there are usually 2 intense workouts followed by a recovery workout or rest day.

👉🏼 The plan is set like stairs, introducing workouts with increasing intensity and/or volume. But this is non-linear growth, it includes recovery weeks when intensity and volume always decrease. This allows you to avoid injury, adapt to training stress and get progress.

👉🏼 How sharp do we increase volumes in hard weeks? A safe increase that you can digest is 10–12% per week. It is extremely rare that we force your training by applying more aggressive volume growth. For health reasons, the allowable increase is no more than 15% from week to week.

👉🏼 In the App calendar, you can set more than one race, while choosing one main. The program will lead you to the main race, taking into account all the intermediate ones — by applying short-term tapering a week before.

👉🏼 Based on your workouts (how many workouts you did, how you felt, what was your heart rate), the program will adapt and build your next training week. We will tell you more about how adaptation works in the next post.

👉🏼 If your plans have changed: you have chosen a new race or decided to train 5 days instead of 3, use your Profile section and feel free to make changes. The training plan will be tailored to you.

OMY! Sports App is your personalized and adaptive training plan to reach sports and health goals.