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Why is it good to exercise in the morning?

⚡️You have more energy in the morning! You set the mood for a productive work day. It’s less likely to miss a workout due to fatigue after the whole day at work. 

💪🏼 Physical activity immediately after sleep helps to wake up and feel cheerful. Morning jogging or exercise will be an incentive to activate the processes of excitation.

❤️ Prepare your heart and body to sustain stress. Morning physical activity trains the heart muscle, pumping many times more blood than at rest.

🥑 Help digestion. Any physical exercise increases the blood supply to the whole body and includes the abdominal muscles. Contraction and relaxation of muscles stimulate additional blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, which ensures comfortable digestion.

🧠 Speed ​​up your brain. The brain begins to actively secrete special signal molecules that make it work faster, easier to absorb information and remember events.