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Is evening training a waste of time? 

Why is that? 

😴 Late workouts have a negative effect on sleep. Elevated HR and intensive oxygen consumption stimulate production of hormones exactly in the moment when we should get ready for rest. No rest means no recovery and low energy level on the next day. 

😮 Evening workouts can lead to chronic fatigue and overtraining effect. That’s not only about muscles, it’s about mental fatigue.

What can be done about training after-work?

🏃🏼 Stay calm and keep intensity low. Short, conversational pace runs, walking and stretching are OK. 

🏃🏼 No workouts on the next day. This is the only option to sleep well at least couple of days a week. 

🏃🏼 Try to rearrange your schedule and convert after-work into pre-work morning training.

How to train promptly in the morning? We’ll get back to this topic shortly.

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