Product features

What You'll get

Tailored-made workouts and video
Get adjustable and customised weekly plan with detailed workouts, videos based on your current fitness level, training goal, personal preferences and life obstacles.
Live-adjustment, progress tracking and other
Connect to Strava/Garmin, tell us how you feel, share you feedback and get your workouts immediately updated.
Chat with coaching team
Have questions or ideas? Discuss everything that matters with coaching team in App live-chat.
Run, bike, triathlon (and more to come)
Choose your sport and make your training diverse and all year-round.
Most important features in one App
Training schedule
Go to Workouts to see your week at a glance. Choose any day and get the overview of your training activities. Check your weekly progress to make sure your are in the plan.
Detailed workouts
Open any workout to see detailed description, training scheme, file to upload to Zwift and Garmin, training video and post-workout analytics.
Chat with coach
Discuss everything that matters with professional coach in chat inside the App.
Individual settings
Check and update your training settings and preferences. Set new goal, change training days, input new personal best result, pause/continue the plan. Your workouts and schedule will be updated immediately.
Activitiy tracking
Record your workout right inside the App. Just push Start and get started. Training summary will be in your schedule right after the finish.
Progress tracking
Check you weekly progress, compare your actual results with the plan, compare your current and past performance.